Edge 540 arf

Setup is a no-brainer because Aeroworks provides specific surface movement specs in the manual plus they include tools to make setup fast and very accurate. You get a card stock rudder deflection gauge that is secured between the top of the rudder and vertical stabilizer. You also get a nifty, clip-on deflection gauge for setting the elevators and ailerons.

Both are low-tech but high accuracy setup tools that you will want to save for future use on this and other planes. I have already set up the throttle earlier when I ran the motor with the cowl off.

Now I need to dial in the ailerons, elevators and rudder. I always set the failsafe point so the surface returns to zero. I used the rudder deflection gauge to set my maximum rudder deflection to degrees left and right. I use a Spektrum DX8 transmitter which gives me three dual rate levels and allows putting dual rate control for the rudder, elevator and ailerons all on one switch.

I use the rudder dual rate switch as it feels the most comfortable to me while flying. The elevator halves and ailerons were all set to a maximum travel of degrees up and down. Once all of the servos have been programmed I go into the transmitters menu and set the overall travel so that I get the full deflection programmed into the servo. This seems to keep both elevator halves deflecting at the same rate.

Finally I use the included setup gauges to check all movements and dual rate settings once more to be sure I am actually getting the full deflection on all surfaces. During this process I also check the linkages to be sure everything is tight and is ready for flight. Over the years I have seen planes lost unnecessarily because a servo arm fell off or a linkage unscrewed itself.

edge 540 arf

These kinds of issues should be found in the shop but I promise you that dozens of planes will be lost each flying season to this kind of preventable failure. The advent of computer-cut vinyl let us put more professional looking graphics on our planes. Setting this package apart is that they are made using a high-quality printing process that means we get true gradients rather than solid color cut out letters and graphics.

The time I invested in getting the control surfaces aligned right paid off when my Aeroworks 50cc Edge ARF first went airborne. A couple clicks of down, two clicks right aileron and it was flying straight and level. Roll it inverted on a degree up line and it shows just a hint of nosing down though on landing it seems to want to hang the tail down a little.

All this was happening in mph gusts so no adjustments will be made until we get a calmer day to isolate what the plane is doing as opposed to how it reacts to gusty winds. The Aeroworks 50cc Edge ARF does nice flat spins upright or inverted plus is easy to get into a knife edge spin, and out of it. Recovery from all of the positions I got it in was quick and predictable. With the nose into the bumpy winds we had the Aeroworks 50cc Edge ARF was surprisingly stable in an Elevator and responded to a little rudder to put the Elevator where you want.

Inverted flight is stable and the elevator remains effective with only a small amount of down elevator needed to maintain level flight. Landing in the winds we had the first day were best with a couple clicks of down trim to help keep the nose down.What do we have here? A highly welcome replica of the most commonly used airframe in the world of Red Bull air racing in a conveniently sized electric ARF form factor should be all the information an enthusiast needs to give the Flitework Edge a deeper look.

It is meant to be assembled quickly and flown fast so without any delay, lets see what is provided, put her together and get her out to the field for some heart pounding action. The Flitework Edge arrives in a modestly decorated box with all of the components of the airframe individually wrapped and taped down for security. The box performed its task of protecting the contents during shipment quite well as there was no damage to any of the components during my first inspection.

The first thing that will catch your eye as you start to remove the components from the box is the painted Oracover that the Edge is dressed up in featuring the highly sought out Red Bull scheme. The fuselage is built from laser cut parts and built fairly light and strong with a lot of space to place your electronics inside. The hatch is vacuum formed and painted.

It is held on with dowels in the front a sliding latch on top of the turtle deck which is also backed by light foam. All of the access holes for servos, leads and wing and stabilizer tubes have been precut. The wings of the Edge are absolutely beautiful. They feature the rich Red Bull graphics along with the swept and curved wing tips of the full scale Edge The control surfaces all feature pin type hinges.

The horizontal stabilizer and elevators are air foiled which is a plus for a model of this size. There are only a handful of bags containing the parts required to assemble the airframe. Even though it is not shown in the picture of the power setup, the box that I received also contained a spinner which was a plus. While the full size servos have metal gears, the recommended elevator servos are plastic gears.

The manual for the Edge is brief but detailed enough where anyone with any ARF building experience will only use it as a reference as the small part count and the design of the airframe lends it self to an intuitive and easy assembly process.

About the only issue I had with the build of the Edge was the installation of the wheel pants. As can be seen from the above pictures, when the wheel pants were installed, there was a significant gap between the wheel pant and the aluminum gear.

This was mainly due to the precut slot not being cut high enough in the wheel pant. After I enlarged the slot, the fit was much better. The main and tail gear are then attached to the fuselage and the airframe is on its feet in not time at all. The rudder can be hinged and wired up using the supplied pull-pull assembly.Unfortunately most model airplane manufacturers seem to only know the forward swept wings as the very defining feature of an Edge Many modelers are fascinated by its particular shape of the fuselage with the huge fin and the smooth cowling.

We designed our brand new Edge from the ground up. We used original drawings from the full-scale to create a solid model with modern CAD techniques. The scale fuselage is very large, in particular compared to other 2. The cowling is so wide that a regular cc engine would fit under it. But of course, the smartest way will be a cc flat twin to keep the plane lightweight. A 85cc single cylinder engine with tuned pipe might be sufficient regarding the power, but you can get in trouble with the CG.

As of earlythe CARF Models Edge has received a modification to its wings, adding skin hinged ailerons instead of the centre hinged ones, making them even lighter for better flight performance. Get this ultimate 3D-machine right now and share the joy. The fuselage is very wide and pretty scale. It has the proper cross sections from cowl to tail, so that the shape itself makes it already very stiff. All is sandwich laminated and the two crucial formers behind the cockpit and inside the fin are installed in the molds, too.

The gear mount is a strong aircraft grade plywood piece, glued in and reinforced with glass and carbon where necessary. The cowling consists of an upper and lower half, it can be taken off without having to remove spinner and propeller.

It provides very good access to the cowling area, especially to mount batteries as far forward as possible to achieve a nose-heavy CG is required. Even though the wing tube sits quite high in the fuselage, there is still room above it for a large fuel tank, which allows you to install canisters or full pipes with no restrictions, whatsoever. As we thought for a while, center hinged ailerons were the way to go on 2.

Over time, we had to understand that the weight penalty which came with it, for some pilots outweighed the advantage of better symmetry and higher roll rates.

To us, it always was in balance between pro's and con's. What finally helped us to decide to return to the skin hinged ailerons was not only the weight savings, but also the reduced manufacturing efforts, allowing more attractive schemes because no paint lines had to be matched between wing and ailerons in the complicated painting-in-the-mold process.

edge 540 arf

Last but not least, the lighter wing allowed us to go back to dual aileron servos, just as proven very effective with our other new 2. The stabs, elevators and fin are designed in the classic CARF style. Center hinged elvevators and rudder, well dimensioned aluminum tube joiners and brass hinge pins.

The stabs have a mounting place for one elevator servo, and the rudder tray milled wood part assembly provides room for two servos. All tail surfaces are especially checked for an extreme light weight build due to the critical CG situation with the forward swept wing of any Edge Don't worry about weight in the nose. Go with a good and solid cc twin engine and you will have a lot of fun with this airplane. Canisters are sufficient at the predicted weight of the airplane, and all sorts of different canister mounts, tank trays etc are included in the kit.

We do not recommend the use of a single cylinder engine because it the weight benefit is not doing any good for the large plane. It's so extreme fast, that I had to decrease the deflection angles again. Looks like I'm getting too old for this Doesn't matter if positive or negative, our new Edge is so stable, that even I am able to do low hover stuff.

If you think that you already know everything about 3D, then a flight on our new Edge possibly changes your mind. Because of the short fuselage and the extreme large control surfaces, the Edge is a Funflyer like no other.

But even when it comes to precision, the Edge really suprised me. I set up a knife-edge coupling and our new model was flying pretty well through every sequence.Notify me when this product is available:. The Seagull. Light weight laser-cut View full product details.

Aeroworks 50cc Edge 540 ARF

The airframe is conventionally With it's SIG Mfg. E-mail for Order and Product Queries: mail sigmfg. Designed by Out of the Sandbox. Powered by Shopify. Menu Cart. Add to Cart. For superior aerobatic precision and performance at a great price, try the 68 inch Edge ARF from Seagull.

Snap rolls, knife-edge, inside and outside loops Its 3D performance is on par with that of higher-priced ARFs, making this Edge a tremendous value. Its built-up construction uses high-quality balsa and plywood, and it is hand-built, covered and trimmed by professional craftsmen.

Flying Weight 8. Engine Size 2-Stroke. Radio Req. Wing Span. Wing Area. Fuselage Length. Flying Weight. Engine Size. Key Features: Excellent combination of aerobatic performance and value Up-to-date styling and scale appearance Light weight balsa and plywood construction CAD designed and CNC laser cut parts 2-piece plug-in wing for easy transport.

Click the link below to download the Instruction Manual in a new window.Items which are considered "oversize" are noted on horizonhobby. Oversize packages will not ship 2 Day, Overnight or Saturday Delivery. For shipments to Puerto Rico, please call for a shipping quote. Edge 's are among RC modeling's most popular aerobatic airplanes. The Edge 46 ARF is a scale aerobatic performer in the ever-popular. Stay in the Know: Sign up to join our Mailing List. Skip to main content.

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Zivko Edge 540

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Flitework Edge 540

Key Features Progressive styling and performance Lightweight balsa and ply construction Fiberglass cowl and wheel pants Good fit with a variety of glow engines Can be converted to electric power.

Flying Weight: 5. Parts Listing Optional Accessories. Parts Listing. Add to Cart. Canopy: Edge size 46 SEA Optional Accessories. Power 46 Brushless Outrunner Motor, Kv: 3. Manuals Edge Product Support.

edge 540 arf

Product Comparison. The maximum number of products that can be compared is 4.Your 1 Source for RC Models. Live chat. Your current wishlist is not saved. Please Log in to save it. The Zivko Edge manufactured by Zivko Aeronautics is a highly aerobatic aircraft.

Capable of a degree per second roll rate and a 3, foot per minute climb rate, it has been flown to victory on the international Unlimited aerobatics circuit several times since the mids. A tandem-seat version is sold as the Edge T. Our model is scaled to approximately The model was designed for electric power but can also be flown using a matched pair of internal combustion engines of about cc displacement.

Black Horse ARF models are constructed out of balsa wood and plywood. These are not foam models. The assembly of balsa wood ARF aircraft requires basic model building skills including the installation of servos, ESC, and motor or gas engine. Airplanes "Close Cart". Helicopters "Close Cart". Boats "Close Cart". Vehicles "Close Cart".

Electronics "Close Cart". Power "Close Cart". Accessories "Close Cart". Specials "Close Cart". Help "Close Cart". Community "Close Cart". Terms and Policies "Close Cart". Company Info "Close Cart". Cart Preview. Black Horse Edge V3 mm Regular price Quick links Add to Wishlist Your current wishlist is not saved.Page of 59 Go.

Page 5 - Contents of Kit Page 6 - Section 1. Installing the Aileron Linkag Page 15 Page 16 - Section 5. Mounting the Wing to the Fuse Page 17 - Section 6.

Installing the Tail Vertical Page 18 Page 19 Page 20 - Section 7. Hinging the Horizontal Stabil Page 21 - Section 8. Hinging the Rudder and Instal Page 22 Page 23 - Section 9. Installing the Rudder and Ele Page 24 Page 25 Page 26 - Section Mounting the Main Landing Ge Page 27 - Section Assembling and Mounting the Page 28 Page 29 - Section Page 30 - Section Assembling and Installing th Page 31 Page 32 - Section Installing the Radio Page 33 Page 34 - Section Installing the Control Linka Page 35 Page 36 Page 37 - Section Attaching the Cowling Page 38 Page 39 - Section Mounting the Hatch with Can Page 40 Page 41 - Section Adding Decals Page 42 - Section Quick Links.

Download this manual. Ultra Aerobatic 1. Table of Contents. Toy Hangar 9 Hangar 9 Assembly Manual 48 pages. Page 2: Table Of Contents Section

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