Golang minify html

Hugo provides a robust theming system that is easy to implement but capable of producing even the most complicated websites. Check out the Hugo themes. Hugo's Go-based templating provides just the right amount of logic to build anything from the simple to complex. Get Started. See the Getting Started Guide for other methods. Working with GoHugoIO is such a joy.

Having worked with Jekyll in the past, the near instant preview is a big win! Did not expect this to make such a huge difference. Hugo is really, really incredible Crazy that something so fast can be a static site generator Amazing open-source project.

I fear GoHugoIO v0. April 10, Hugo 0. March 24, This version fixes a couple of bugs introduced in 0. March 22, This release reverts a change in resources. ExecuteAsTemplate that broke some theme demos. Blistering Speed What's modern about waiting for your site to build?

Hugo is the fastest tool of its kind. Robust Content Management Flexibility rules. Hugo is a content strategist's dream. Hugo supports unlimited content types, taxonomies, menus, dynamic API-driven content, and more, all without plugins. Shortcodes Hugo's shortcodes are Markdown's hidden superpower. Hugo shortcodes allow for both beauty and flexibility.

Built-in Templates Hugo has common patterns to get your work done quickly. Hugo ships with pre-made templates to make quick work of SEO, commenting, analytics and other functions.

One line of code, and you're done. Multilingual and i18n Polyglot baked in. Hugo provides full i18n support for multi-language sites with the same straightforward development experience Hugo users love in single-language sites. Hugo Sponsors. Capable Templating Hugo's Go-based templating provides just the right amount of logic to build anything from the simple to complex.

See All. Install in seconds, build in milliseconds. Host on any server or your favorite CDN. See what others are saying about Hugo…. We welcome all contributions Fork the repo and work on an issue Design a theme. Hugo is open-source and completely free. Our hundreds of contributors make Hugo great.Minification in programming is the process of compressing code from the original size to the smallest size, without affecting the operation of the code.

Depending on the code, the process can reduce the original size anywhere from 5 to 90 percent. We have gathered some automated tools that can help you reduce the size of your code without putting much effort. The final output will allow you to save some resources on the web server. Have a look. You lose human readability but at the time, you conserve bandwidth.

Majority of reduction is achieved by eliminating comments and extra white space. Overall, the listed tool will help you to reduce the number of HTTP requests, bandwidth consumption and provide quicker download time for your users. It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux. The process includes removing useless white spaces, line breaks, indentation characters, extra semi-colons, empty CSS declaration, unit with zero values, leading 0 if float value is lower than 1 and stripping comments.

You can select from 4 levels of compression i. Coveloping is a web tool that gives you numerous manual options to compress the code. Since PHP is compiled into bytecode like Perl and Ruby and then interpreted on top of Virtual Machine, there would be no significant advantage [in terms of speed] of compressing code. However, you can always use bytecode cache such as APC to increase performance. Varun Kumar is a professional science and technology journalist and a big fan of AI, machines, and space exploration.

He received a Master's degree in computer science from Indraprastha University. I am using this minifier for minifying my css files. Minify CSS code by removing useless white spaces, indentation characters, line breaks, newlines, empty CSS declarations, indentation, and comments. Related articles.A minimal package to help you make your laravel application cleaner and faster. Light Node. According to mozilla developer network and w3. Removing this value disables drag and drop on divs.

Supports revisioning of assets. BracketPipe is a. Optimization a online portfolio for speed! Add a description, image, and links to the html-minifier topic page so that developers can more easily learn about it. Curate this topic. To associate your repository with the html-minifier topic, visit your repo's landing page and select "manage topics. Learn more. Skip to content. Here are 33 public repositories matching this topic Language: All Filter by language. Sort options.

Star Code Issues Pull requests. Minify HTML. Updated Apr 9, PHP. Updated Apr 16, JavaScript. Updated Apr 3, JavaScript. Open Attribut draggable is no redundant attribute. AnWeber commented Mar 15, Please remove the attribute in list.

Updated Oct 16, C. Minify HTML in tagged template strings using html-minifier. Updated Apr 12, JavaScript. Updated Mar 29, C. Updated Apr 9, JavaScript. Updated Sep 10, PHP. Updated Oct 20, C. Updated Dec 27, PHP.

Updated Mar 26, PHP.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Online demo if you need to minify files now. Command line tool that minifies concurrently and supports watching file changes.

Releases of CLI for various platforms. See CLI for more installation instructions. See for yourself at the W3C Validator! Minify is a minifier package written in Go. Minification is the process of removing bytes from a file such as whitespace without changing its output and therefore shrinking its size and speeding up transmission over the internet and possibly parsing. The implemented minifiers are designed for high performance.

HTML Minifier

Users can add new implementations that are triggered based on a mimetype or patternor redirect to an external command like ClosureCompiler, UglifyCSS, Minifiers or bindings to minifiers exist in almost all programming languages.

As most existing implementations either use JavaScript, use regexes, and don't focus on performance, they are pretty slow. It is usually orders of magnitude faster than existing minifiers. See CLI tool for installation instructions of the binary. There is no guarantee for absolute stability, but I take issues and bugs seriously and don't take API changes lightly.

The library will be maintained in a compatible way unless vital bugs prevent me from doing so. There has been one API change after v1 which added options support and I took the opportunity to push through some more API clean up as well. There are no plans whatsoever for future API changes. Besides full coverage, the minifiers are fuzz tested using github. These tests ensure that everything works as intended and that the code does not crash whatever the input.

If you still encounter a bug, please file a bug report! The benchmarks directory contains a number of standardized samples used to compare performance between changes.

golang minify html

To give an indication of the speed of this library, I've ran the tests on my Thinkpad T iU quad-core 2. After recent benchmarking and profiling it became really fast and minifies pages in the 10ms range, making it viable for on-the-fly minification. However, be careful when doing on-the-fly minification. This may or may not apply in your situation. Rather use caching! The whitespace removal mechanism collapses all sequences of whitespace spaces, newlines, tabs to a single space.

If the sequence contained a newline or carriage return it will collapse into a newline character instead. It trims all text parts in between tags depending on whether it was preceded by a space from a previous piece of text and whether it is followed up by a block element or an inline element.

In the former case we can omit spaces while for inline elements whitespace has significance. Make sure your HTML doesn't depend on whitespace between block elements that have been changed to inline or inline-block elements using CSS.This is a JavaScript bundler and minifier.

It packages up JavaScript and TypeScript code for distribution on the web. Why build another JavaScript build tool? The current build tools for the web are at least an order of magnitude slower than they should be.

I'm hoping that this project serves as an "existence proof" that our JavaScript tooling can be much, much faster. The use case I have in mind is packaging a large codebase for production.

This includes minifying the code, which reduces network transfer time, and producing source maps, which are important for debugging errors in production. Ideally the build tool should also build quickly without having to warm up a cache first. My main benchmark approximates a large codebase by duplicating the three. The benchmark can be run with make bench-three. Each time reported is the best of three runs. I'm running esbuild with --bundle --minify --sourcemap.

I used the rollup-plugin-terser plugin because rollup itself doesn't support minification. Parcel uses the default options. FuseBox is configured with useSingleBundle: true. Absolute speed is based on the total line count including comments and blank lines, which is currentlyThis installs the esbuild command locally in your project's package.

Invoke it using npx esbuild [arguments]. Note that this uses the npx package runner command, not the npm package manager command. This is the recommended project-based workflow because it allows you to have a different version of esbuild for each project and it ensures that everyone working on a given project has the same version of esbuild.

A global install can be handy if you want to run esbuild outside of a project context for one-off file manipulation tasks. The esbuild package should work on bit macOS, Linux, and Windows systems. It contains an install script that downloads the appropriate package for the current platform. If the install script isn't working or you need to run esbuild on an unsupported platform, there is a fallback WebAssembly package called esbuild-wasm that should work on all platforms.

For development, the executable can be built by running make assuming you have the Go language toolchain installed. The command-line interface takes a list of entry points and produces one bundle file per entry point.

golang minify html

Here are the available options:. Either put all JSX syntax in. If you're using TypeScript, pass esbuild your. There should be no need to convert TypeScript files to JavaScript first because because esbuild parses TypeScript syntax itself. Note that esbuild does not do any type checking, so you'll want to run tsc -noEmit in parallel to check types. Fragment to esbuild on the command line. A highly extensible platform for developers to better understand the complexity of Kubernetes clusters.

Goro is a high-level machine learning library for Go built on Gorgonia.You have selected. Click on Change to use the new Code Type and continue, Ignore to continue compression without changing the Code Type, or Cancel to abort so you can manually change your selection and adjust other settings.

Change Ignore Cancel. Home News Contact Share. Source Compressed Errors Messages expand hide. Please wait Load Only. Load and Compress. Drag and Drop Charset:. PHP Code:. Minimize PHP code. Convert PHP short tags. Smarty Code:. Smarty template mode. Use auto literals. Keep all smarty comments. ASP Code:. Preserve intact ASP code.

Learn Go Programming - Golang Tutorial for Beginners

Do not minimize Safe minimization Advanced minimization Aggressive minimization. Single line html output. Always trim output. Never strip quotes. Minimize CSS inside style attributes. Minimize JavaScript events in html tags. Preserve SSI directives. Minimize CSS code. Minimize JavaScript code. Minimize JavaScript containing S. Add line break after col no. JavaScript Minimization options:.

golang minify html

Do not miimize local symbols nomunge. Disable all micro optimizations. Add line break after column number. White spaces removal. Simple optimizations. Advanced optimizations Experts only. Single line output.

An extremely fast JavaScript bundler and minifier

Add output formatting to source. Use JSMin as failback engine. JavaScript with S.Tokenization is done by creating a Tokenizer for an io. Reader r. Nextwhich parses the next token and returns its type, or an error:. There are two APIs for retrieving the current token. In EBNF notation, the valid call sequence per token is:.

Token returns an independent data structure that completely describes a token. For example:. The low-level API performs fewer allocations and copies, but the contents of the []byte values returned by Text, TagName and TagAttr may change on the next call to Next.

For example, to extract an HTML page's anchor text:. Parsing is done by calling Parse with an io. For example, to process each anchor node in depth-first order:. Rendering is done on a 'best effort' basis: calling Parse on the output of Render will always result in something similar to the original tree, but it is not necessarily an exact clone unless the original tree was 'well-formed'. Calling Parse on arbitrary input typically results in a 'well-formed' parse tree.

However, it is possible for Parse to yield a 'badly-formed' parse tree.

35+ Tools to Minify Code (JavaScript, CSS & HTML)

Programmatically constructed trees are typically also 'well-formed', but it is possible to construct a tree that looks innocuous but, when rendered and re-parsed, results in a different tree. It unescapes a larger range of entities than EscapeString escapes. An Attribute is an attribute namespace-key-value triple.

A Node consists of a NodeType and some Data tag name for element nodes, content for text and are part of a tree of Nodes.

Element nodes may also have a Namespace and contain a slice of Attributes. For element nodes, DataAtom is the atom for Data, or zero if Data is not a known tag name. Parse strings. NewReader s if err! Println a. FirstChild; c!

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