Hp 15 laptop ssd upgrade

Below are two of the most common methods to replace your drive along with our hand-picked easy method. Any suggestion will be appreciated! Surely you can! You just need to choose an SSD and the right adapter. Most laptops will use a 2.

As well have different forms of factors, SSDs also have different thicknesses either 7mm or 9. When you install SSDs in laptops there are a variety of different methods you can use. Here we will show you two of the most common methods. The very first way is to freshly install an SSD into the laptop with a new Windows installation. First, you need a Windows installation disk or bootable USB to freshly install your operating system.

You can then install your favorite applications after Windows has finished installing. You simply need to insert your Windows installation disk, change the boot order in BIOS, boot from the installation disk, and finally follow the on-screen instructions. Many users will be put off by Method 1 due to the trouble of having to find or create a Windows installation disk and changing the BIOSs boot order.

Luckily, there is a second way to upgrade your laptop to an SSD without having to reinstall Windows or your applications. After the transfer is complete you simply swap out the old drive and pop in the new one, saving you both time and effort.

Following will introduce this way in detail. Before you start, it is suggested to run through our quick checklist below to make sure you can successfully and smoothly upgrade the HDD in your laptop to an SSD.

The hard disks size, thickness, interface, and connector all could be different from your original drive, therefore, we recommend opening the access panel and comparing the old drive to the new one. A screwdriver is needed to remove the existing disk and install the newly cloned disk after the transfer has been completed.

hp 15 laptop ssd upgrade

This will be used to connect your hard disk to your laptop to enable the cloning process. Change the size of your original hard drive until it is either the same size or smaller than the replacement SSD. If you are having trouble reducing the size, I recommend moving some of your data to an external HDD.

Removing and Replacing the Solid State Drive for HP ENVY 15-u000 x360 Convertible PCs

Check the preview the operation summary of the original disk and the destination disk. Turn of your computer, disconnect the power cable and any other cables and then remove the hard disk bay cover with a screwdriver. Find the screws holding the hard drive into place and unscrew them before removing your existing hard drive.

Install the cloned SSD back into your laptop. Make sure you secure the drive with the screws you removed earlier and replace the back panel. Then, you should be able to boot from the cloned SSD. After that, you could check if all your applications and data is kept intact.

If you have an older laptop or desktop computer that no longer offers you the performance you need, then a great way to increase your PCs speeds is to upgrade your systems HDD. When you upgrade to an SSD you will experience faster boot times and response times when loading your files or folders. Rugged data protection: SSD disks are much better at protecting your data from accidental damage caused by knocking or dropping the drive.There's no better way to speed up and upgrade a laptop than to replace its mechanical drive with an SSD Solid State Drive.

Sure, you can defragment your hard drive in Windows 10but it won't improve your peformance like an SSD would. It's a no-brainerbut if the thought of reinstalling Windows 10 and all of your programs and then tweaking all of their settings gives you the chills, don't worry.

In an hour or two, you can easily be up and running with a clone of your current system -- except now your laptop will have blazing performance. The process of upgrading your laptop to SSD is fairly simple if you have easy access to your hard drive via a removable panel on the bottom of the laptop.

If you have an Ultrabook or your laptop doesn't have that kind of easy upgrade access e. Otherwise, this tutorial will help those of you with the removable panel through preparing your laptop, cloning your system, and making the big swap.

Find the right SSD form factor and interface. The other thing you'll want to check before you go out and buy a replacement SSD is your drive's form factor; you need to make sure the drive will fit in the laptop. Most laptops have 2. Also, even 2. Laptops most widely use 2. Alternatively, you may be able to find this information by visiting Crucial's Advisor Tool or looking at your current drive's label: Open the access panel and look on the drive itself to see if it says 2.

Generally, 7mm, 2. An SSD, of course. In addition to getting a drive with the right form factor and interface, you'll want to get an SSD with at least enough room for the Windows partition and any system recovery partitions. For most people, the GB drive should be fine, but the GB one offers more flexibility, for only a little more investment.

An external enclosure or adapter to connect that SSD to your laptop. Either way, the enclosure comes in handy not just for connecting the SSD for the cloning process, but also afterward to turn your current drive, once it's replaced by the SSD, into an external one for backups and other storage.

Separate external hard drive optional.

hp 15 laptop ssd upgrade

You might need this if you have large folders, such as photos and videos, that might not fit on your SSD, and also to create a full system backup at the start. Make a full backup of your system. In the left menu, go to "System Image Backup" to create a system image on an external drive or network location.

Move large folders that don't need to be kept on the SSD. If this is the case, move larger folders--such as those containing your photos, videos, games, and personal documents--to an external drive or other location to make enough space on your drive for cloning to the smaller SSD.

HP Notebook - 15-db0599sa Product Specifications

Clean up your drive for additional space. This is also the time to uninstall programs you aren't using anymore and delete unnecessary files that you don't want carried over to your SSD. Make one last uncluttering sweep with freeware CCleaner, which deletes old temp files and other space hogs, or at the very least run Windows' disk cleanup in Windows search -- look for "disk cleanup," then choose "Free up disk space on this PC".

Physically connect the SSD. Initialize the SSD. Bring up Windows search again and look for "disk management," then choose "Create and format hard disk partitions. If it says "Not initialized," right-click on the drive and choose "Initialize disk. Resize the current drive partition to be the same size or smaller than the SSD.

While you're in Disk Management, check to see if your current disk's primary partition usually, C:, the one that has Windows and your installed programs is larger than the SSD.

If not, you'll need to shrink the partition so that it and the other system recovery partitions are smaller than the SSD. Right-click on the OS partition and choose "Shrink…". In the next window, leave the defaults and click "Shrink. Don't worry; during the cloning process, the cloning software will properly resize and allocate extra space to the main partition on your SSD. At this time, you should restart your computer to make sure that the partition works before cloning. Install disk cloning software.Check our tips and fixes!

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See your browser's documentation for specific instructions. HP Customer Support. Select your model. How does HP install software and gather data? Are you working from home? Before you begin You need a Phillips head screwdriver, tweezers or needle-nose pliers, and a non-metallic prying tool. Turn off the computer. Disconnect the Ethernet or modem cable. Disconnect the power cord. Transfer the computer to a clear, flat, stable work surface over a non-carpeted floor.

HP strongly recommends the use of an anti-static wrist strap and a conductive foam pad when working on the computer. Do not remove a component from its protective packaging until you are ready to install it. To reduce the chance of ESD damage, work over a non-carpeted floor, use a static dissipative work surface such as a conductive foam padand wear an ESD wrist strap connected to a grounded surface.

Servicing internal components increases the risk of damaging the computer which might not be covered under warranty. Understand the risk and refer to the product's warranty before attempting to service the computer. Video overview View the following video before using the steps in this article. These same removal and replacement procedures for the hard drive apply to all configurations of HP ENVY u notebook computers. Depending on your notebooks configuration, you may have either a hard disk drive assembly or solid state drive assembly.

Figure : Hard disk drive assembly. Figure : Solid state drive assembly. Removing the solid state drive assembly Follow the steps in this section to remove the solid state drive assembly. Step 1. To remove the solid state drive from the adapter, remove the Phillips-head screw that secures the solid state drive to the solid state drive adapter. Replacing the solid state drive assembly Follow the steps in this section to replace the solid state drive assembly.Recently i tested the model of HP Omen In this Tutorial i will show you step by step how to open the casing and safely swap out the components.

In the box below you will find recommended storage drives and RAM compatible with HP Omen 15, as same as the laptop itself. Alright, to get inside we need to remove the bottom pannel. Once you removed the screws, you will need some thin piece of plastic. Around the edges of the bottom pannel there are little tabs still holding it in place. I found a guitar pick so i will be using it to make the tabs let go. You have to simply slide the plastic into a gap between the bottom pannel and deck and then try to pull it up carefully.

The hardest part is on the back, so be carefull here. The tabs are located exactly in the places shown on picture number 4. Get the screwdriver to pull it up pic. Be really carefull not to damage the white flat cable that connects the Hard Drive. Everything in this laptop is very close together so you have to be precise.

Now use something thin to disconnect the SATA connector and take out the brackets pic. So here is my new drive. This is very simple process, just take one RAM stick and slide it into the slot at an angle, then press it down unitl you hear a click. If you want to take it out, on the sides you have 2 little tabs, if you push them both RAM will pop out. So the only thing you have to do is to remove one screw and pull out the SSD.

If you install the new one make sure that this hole is on proper side, because it will fit only one way. List of SSDs compatible with Omen down below:. Okay so when we finished our job here inside we have to close the bottom pannel so place it back on the laptop and press around the edges.

Make sure that every tab clicked and the lid is placed properly.

How To Replace Hard Drive in HP Laptop With New SSD

Alright i hope this tutorial was helpful and if you have any questions feel free to ask in comments on YouTube.Only 11 left in stock - order soon. I purchased a refurbished HP i5 sff computer with Windows I installed this and it boots within 15 sec. It completes a restart--on, to power off, to booted back up--all within 30 sec.

I think that is pretty fast. Since I don't use my computer very much, usually just for a quick e-mail check, or to quickly pay a bill, slow boots were a source of frustration. Now I'm in and out as quick as you please. I realize that there are many ssd's out there, and they all likely would function just as well.

That being said, I went with HP to keep compatibility with my system, and it has worked great. It was priced comparably with all the other brands I looked at. Add to cart. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. This laptop is fantastic.

hp 15 laptop ssd upgrade

The user interface is easy, and the speed is incredible. My favorite thing about this laptop is the keyboard. I would recommend. HP EX M. In Stock. If there are any in stock and you have a spare M. And this is on a Bitlocker encrypted volume! See the picture for a CrystalDiskMark run.

HP Elitebook G1 Super fast 16 Gig is noticeable and SSD on boot-up and running multiple applications. I purchased for business travel light weight and compact.

Can leave my bulky 17 Inch at home now! Excellent Amazon support. While the case had some scuff marks, the laptop screen and keyboard were clean as a whistle. It has operated fine from day one.Go to Solution. For some people, upgrading a notebook to an SSD may be like diving into the deep end of a swimming pool.

There is the small, but important detail involving accepting the risk of damaging your notebook and violating the warranty. You will need to decide whether you want to migrate your OS to the new SSD or perform a clean installation of Windows. The second is whether your notebook is an entry level or a high-end model with advanced features.

Older notebooks pre will have only 2. That can be done by using information from an SSD manufacturer whose reputation depends on supplying accurate information to prospective clients.

Check online at the Crucial. Some of the and current model year high-end notebooks and ultrabooks are compatible with M. You may be one of the lucky ones who installs the SSD and boots to the installer and everything goes as expected. After the SSD has been prepped and an installation started, the Windows installer will change the drive letter to C: on its own. Selecting the disk and using the list command is very important.

Otherwise, you might erase the contents and partitions of the wrong disk with the clean command. After the cloning is complete, you now have a bootable backup of the entire OS and programs in the form of the legacy hard drive.

You might consider storing it in a safe place. I hope that this information helps you succeed in your upgrade and clears up some questions you had. Thanks for your answer Erico, nobodyelse in this forums nor in HP chat support have pointed me that, even i asked HP support before buying the samsung evo So there is another confusing trick with SSD besides all the very confusing things with M.

I thought it was ok. That is incorrect. It also uses a proprietary controller. Samsung is unlike some other manufacturers in that they invent memory types. Despite of these reviews below, among many more I've seen, I believe you are right I think there are a lot of misleading reviews everywere. Despite of these reviews below, among many many other reviews I've seen before I believe you are right I should have been aware this mean it could not be compliant There is a discussion about the memory types and the underlying reasons behind choices made when selecting SSD products available at the following Samsung web page URL.

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hp 15 laptop ssd upgrade

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