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Coming to work in Russia as a foreigner is a complicated and lengthy process for most people, involving a lot of paperwork and preparation in advance. The Russian government currently has quotas on the number of foreign nationals permitted to work in Russia. These are determined annually. Gaining a Russian work permit means following a procedure that involves both you and your employer.

It is important to get this right; Russian authorities can impose heavy fines on employers for not sticking to the rules, affecting your right to remain in Russia. This guide to the Russian work permit for Indian citizens and other expatriates includes:.

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However, you can only apply for a Russian work permit and visa if you have a job offer from a Russian employer who has secured an employment permit that allows them to employ foreign nationals for specific jobs. Within the overall quota, there are specific quotas for regions of Russia, occupational sectors and foreign nationalities.

Foreign nationals that need a visa to enter Russia will need a work permit and work visa to work in Russia. See our article on Russian visas and residence permits for more information on who needs a visa to enter Russia.

There are certain exemptions that are detailed below. As ofCIS nationals are no longer bound by Russian work permit quotas. Instead, they have to apply for a work patent within 30 days of arriving in Russia and then have to find employment within 60 days of receiving the work patent. You cannot enter Russia on a visa other than a Russian work visa e.

You will need to exit the country and re-enter on a Russian work visa. The following groups of foreign nationals are exempt from requiring a Russian work visa or permit :. Those working in highly skilled fields can apply for a special Russian work permit for highly-skilled migrants which grants them certain concessions.

More information on this below. Russian work visa requirements mean that unless you are a CIS national, in order to work in Russia you will need to find a job before applying for a Russian work visa. See our guide on jobs in Russia for more information on the Russian job market. As mentioned, Russia issues quotas on the number of foreign nationals it can employ per year. If an employer wants to hire foreign staff, they have to demonstrate that they have a need for foreign workers.

The employment permit issued to the employer will specify how many foreign staff can be employed, what nationalities they can employ and which positions can be filled.Thank you for signing up for the R U OK?


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Want to show your staff and workmates how to have an R U OK? Use our presentation kit.


Our troubles don't clock off when we clock on at work. That's why R U OK? Taking part can be as simple as learning R U OK? The day is about inspiring people to start these conversations every day of the year.

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This kit includes posters, stickers and email copy on how to start a conversation. The campaign provides tips and resources to promote life changing conversations with police and emergency services workers at home and in the workplace to encourage early intervention and help-seeking. The Australian rail industry is doing it's bit to inspire workmates to be there for one another and talk about the stuff that matters.

Thanks to support from the TrackSAFE Foundation, we have resources to prompt rail workmates to start conversations that can transform someone's day. People working in the legal profession have the instinct and skill to look deeper. This kit includes conversation tips, resources such as posters and postcardsand personal testimonials. We've released a new campaign and resources which show that supporting a workmate who's struggling is important and can start with a simple question, "Are you OK?

Running a business can be time consuming and mental health and wellbeing can often take a back seat. This handy page guide encourages people to keep mental health on their agenda and look out for their staff and workmates. The campaign tools include posters, digital assets and practical resources to get people asking the question and responding safely and effectively when the answer's, "No, I'm not OK.

It's not always obvious that someone is struggling - and we sometimes need to be reminded to trust our gut instinct and dig a bit deeper. Mind the conversation gap. A conversation saved my life. See More Videos View in Vimeo. Last Name:.Useful information and advice for expats looking for jobs in Moscow and other Russian cities, including jobs in Russia for English speakers.

Are you looking for jobs in Russia? This guide will give you tips on how to find jobs in Moscow and St. Petersburg, what the employment field is like, how to get Russian work permits and where to find jobs in Russia for English speakers.

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Russia has diverse employment opportunities and expats are often the best-paid professionals. Working in Moscow and St. Petersburg has been a viable choice for those who look to gain experience in the construction and energy sectors. Furthermore, the capital has the lowest unemployment rate in the entire country.

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Therefore, Moscow is an attractive city for many expatriates as multi-national companies often look for English speakers or foreign nationals with specialist skills. There is a lot of work for bi-lingual expatriates in hotels, restaurants and other tourism associated jobs.

As a centre of politics and culture, Moscow is also a playground for experienced translators. Significant segments of the people working in Moscow are in the manufacturing sector such as food processing, oil refining and electronics. Besides being a tourist Mecca and cultural centre, St. Petersburg is full of opportunities for both temporary and long-term employment. According to the Federal Migration Service, St. Petersburg currently has more than 1. The labour market in St.

Petersburg is smaller and less varied than Moscow and whilst prices for merchandise and services are almost identical, the average pay is about times better in Moscow. A contract of employment is always writing and made in two copies signed by both parties.

The contracts should be both in Russian and English to be accepted by the Russian court. For more information about work permits and visas for Russia, take a look at our comprehensive guide about how to get a work permit in Moscow.

All foreign nationals wanting to work in Russia Moscow or St. Petersburg must have a work permit.

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